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Welcome to Turner Designs

For over 45 years we have specialized in providing sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use fluorometers for environmental and industrial uses. We believe we supply more of these kinds of instruments than any other company in the world.

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Latest News

New Copper Wiper Arms for C3, C6 and PhytoFind

We recently made a relatively simple, valuable change to the wiper arms on our C3, C6P, & PhytoFind Submersibles.  We had received photos from a customer that showed such severe growth on the old plastic arms that there was a possibility the growth could block the optics.  Changing to copper arms should significantly ...
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New AquaFluor firmware enables multi-point calibrations

We are excited to announce new AquaFluor firmware which allows users to calibrate with up to 5 calibration standards providing more accurate estimates than the previous calibration which used a single standard and a blank.  The new firmware also calculates the slope and fit resulting from a linear regression through the ca ...
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ABS Certifies Ballast-Check 2 for Ballast Water Compliance Testing

Turner Designs’ Ballast-Check™ 2 is the first biological indicative compliance monitor to receive a Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate from ABS.  The PDA certifies that the Ballast-Check 2 is fit for purpose as marine specialty equipment.  It was important to Turner Designs that users of the Ballast-Check ...
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N:P as driver of As retention

Congratulations to Keely MacNeil who was awarded a travel stipend for his presentation "N:P as driver of As retention" at the ASLO Summer Meeting 2018 featuring our AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer. Abstract Arsenic (As), a toxic trace element, can be taken into cells in place of phosphorus (P) and decouple p ...
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Blurred Lines: Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Food Resources and Macroinvertebrate Communities in Headwater Streams

Congratulations to Rebecca Eckert who was awarded a Travel Stipend for her poster presentation at the 2018 SFS Annual Meeting featuring our Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer. Abstract Food webs of temperate, forested headwater streams are energetically supported by leaf debris decomposed by microbes and macroinverte ...
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Detection of UV-treatment effects on plankton by rapid analytic tools for ballast water compliance monitoring immediately following treatment

The effects on phytoplankton from UV treatment systems is an area of concern as some methods may run into problems when trying to accurately estimate cell counts after UV treatment.  A detailed study by Bradie et al in Journal of Sea Research (2018) explored how well rapid indicative tools can estimate cell counts compared ...
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PhytoFind in situ Algal Classification

Simplifies Identification of Harmful Algae >>Learn More

CyanoFluor Handheld HAB Indicator

Early Warning of HAB conditions >>Learn More

AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer

Total Chlorophyll & Photosynthetic Efficiencey >>Learn More

PhytoFind in situ Algal Classification CyanoFluor Handheld HAB Indicator AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer
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Predicting HAB Events with the CyanoFluor