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Ballast Water Compliance Monitoring - Fluorometer Applications

The inadvertent introduction of invasive aquatic species to coastal waters when discharging ballast water has been known to cause both ecological and economic damage.  Accordingly, regulations are established specifying low levels of living/viable organisms and how to detect them before releasing ballast water. 

Treatment systems are being employed and the challenge of how to show compliance is under examination.  One of the methods for determining compliance that is receiving a lot of attention is active fluorescence which looks at the viability of the organisms in the ballast water.  Coupling this with fluorescence measurements, giving an indication of quantity of cells in the ballast water, enables rapid assessments of risk of non-compliance with the standards.  Portable, easy-to-use, not requiring reagents, and giving results in less than 1 minute make the Ballast-Check 2 a very attractive solution for indicative ballast water monitoring.