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Dredging - Fluorometer Applications

Aquatic ecosystems are some of the most productive in the world, but they are also among the most fragile.  While dredging is necessary to create and maintain navigation channels to ports, harbors, and marinas, the several million cubic yards of sediment that are dredged each year can cause increased turbidity and re-suspension of contaminated sediment that significantly impacts these sensitive ecosystems.

Sample collection and analysis for monitoring water quality during dredge operations are time consuming, tedious tasks.  Considering quick feedback regarding re-suspension is crucial, real-time measurements from on-site in situ fluorometers allow operators to manage dredge activities and react quickly if sediment levels exceed environmental limits.  This is particularly true in cases when the dredged sediment contains contaminants that pose an added risk to wildlife and people.  In situ fluorometers can also be a useful indicator of site conditions long after a dredging operation completes.