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Horizontal Profiling & Real-Time Data View - Fluorometer Applications

In situ
fluorometers, deployment hardware, software, and portable computing technology have made collecting real-time data and parsing it with location information easier to do.  Real-time graphic representations provide visualizations of fluorescent concentration, position and depth allowing researchers the flexibility to make real-time adjustments, resulting in more precise, focused field-work and data collection.  In order to facilitate real-time data collection, Turner Designs released the C-ray Towed Deployment body for the C3 Submersible Fluorometer.  The C-ray enables the C3 to be deployed alongside a moving vessel at a slow speed while transmitting data over a cable.  These data can then be easily parsed with GPS data.

Real-Time data from the C3 can also be captured and viewed using Turner Designs’ C-Soft program.  C-Soft allows operators to view waveform or tabular data as they are being saved to a file on the PC desktop.  The images below illustrate the powerful way data interpretation can be facilitated by graphical format.

CDOM data mapping Chlorophyll data mapping
turbidity data mapping temperature data mapping