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Fluorometer Case Studies

Ballast-Check 2 Handheld Fluorometer

Ballast-Check 2 Handheld PAM Fluorometer Summary of Ballast Check 2 as an Assessment Tool for Monitoring Ballast Water Discharge Compliance in Hawaii
Julie Kuo
Department of Land and Natural Resources (Division of Aquatic Resources)
Ballast Water

Detection of UV-treatment effects on plankton by rapid analytic tools for ballast water compliance monitoring immediately following treatment
Application: Ballast Water

A shipboard comparison of analytic methods for ballast water compliance monitoring
Application: Ballast Water

Ballast-Check 2 Sea to Sea Trials aboard the RV Meteor
Turner Designs
Africa to Germany
Application: Ballast Water

Rapid Ballast Water Testing with the Ballast-Check 2 Handheld PAM Fluorometer
Triton Marine Science & Consult
Application: Ballast Water

Alternative, indirect measures of ballast water treatment efficacy during a shipboard trial
TestNet Group
San Pedro, CA USA to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Application: Ballast Water

C3 Submersible Fluorometer

C3 Submersible Fluorometer Assessing the potential of fluorescence spectroscopy to track the presence of contaminants in water reuse systems
Joseph Wasswa, Natalie Mladenov
San Diego State University

Shipboard Integration for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring
Department of Ecology State of Washington
Puget Sound

The Nearshore Network - Instrumenting Lake Tahoe
UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC)
California & Nevada, USA
Applications: Chlorophyll, DOM, Turbidity

Real-time oil seep surveillance in the Gulf of Mexico
Liquid Robotics & Turner Designs
Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Canyon
Applications: Oil

Wave Glider tracking salmon, monitoring ocean parameters
The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)
Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, CDOM, Turbidity

Real-time Mapping and Data Integration with the C3 Submersible Fluorometer
Turner Designs
Elkhorn Slough, CA, USA
Applications: CDOM, Turbidity, Chlorophyll

C3s travel from San Francisco to Australia
Liquid Robotics, Inc.
California, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Turbidity, Crude Oil

Fluorescent Dye Tracer Tests and Hydrogeology near the Malad Gorge State Park
Neal Farmer, David Blew
Idaho Dept. of Water Resources & Idaho Power
Idaho, USA
Application: Fluorescein

Water Column Characterization Using a C3 Submersible Fluorometer
Dr. Jason G. Smith
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Monterey, CA, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Cyanobacteria, Turbidity

Seakeepers Society Using the C3 Multi-Sensor Platform to Track the Gulf Spill
Seakeepers Society
Gulf of Mexico
Applications: Oil


C6 Multi-Sensor Platform

fluorometer Monitoring Platform Protects Penobscot Indian Nation, Culture
Penobscot Indian Nation
Maine, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, CDOM, Turbidity

Knysna Basin Project Utilizes C6 Multi-Sensor Platform with Chlorophyll and Turbidity Sensors
Brian Allanson, Inga Chinnery
Rhodes University Field Station, Knysna
South Africa
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Turbidity


C6P Submersible Fluorometer

C6P ___Submersib_56cb905e260fc C6P Submersible Fluorometer deployed at Exploratorium
The Exploratorium
San Francisco, CA, USA
Applications: turbidity, CDOM, chlorophyll, phycoerythrin, crude and refined fuels


C-sense pCO2 Sensor
C-sense pCO2 Sensor Water Quality Trends Along a Salinity Gradient int he Tidal Arroyo Colorado
Paulina Ocadiz, Alejandroo Vansquez, Alison McClellan, Jessica Ayala, Nicholas Vanhee, Paulina Sanchez, Joseph L. Kowalski
The International Baccalaureate Program at Lamar Academy and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Arroyo Colorado, Texas, USA
Application: pCO2

Enhanced Aquaculture Production Through Remote Sensing, Field Studies and Industry Partnerships
Matthew W. Gray, Damian C. Brady, Jordan Snyder, Teiga Martin, Breanna Whittemore, and Kathy Miller
School of Marine Sciences University of Marine
Orono, Maine USA
Application: pCO2

MLML deploys C-sense researching biological impacts from ocean acidification
Tom Connolly
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Monterey Bay, CA USA
Application: pCO2

C-sense pCO2 sensor used in Carbonate Study
Friends of Casco Bay
Casco Bay, Maine, USA
Application: pCO2

Monitoring CO2 for Aquaculture
Lisa Goldie
Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute
Carlsbad, CA
Application: Carbon Dioxide


Cyclops Submersible Sensors

Cyclops-7 Submersible Sensors Data Loggers for Environmental Research
Kristin Elliott
Precision Measurement Engineering
Application: Chlorophyll

Determining the Efficacy of a Submersible In Situ Fluorometric Device for Cyanobacteria Monitoring Coalesced with Total Suspended Solids Characteristic of Lowland Reservoirs
E. Symes and F. Van Ogtrop
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, The University of Sydney, Eveleigh, New South Wales, Australia
Application: Chlorophyll, Blue-Green Algae

Changes in DOM quantity and quality in the hyporheic zone during drought
Astrid Harjung
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Application: Tryptophan

Can e-coli results be obtained faster with tryptophan fluorometry?
Elkana Kurgat
Eastern Kentucky University
Madison County, KY, USA
Application: Tryptophan

Cyanobacteria Research at Southwest Virginia Governor's School
Krista Stith
Southwest Virginia Governor's School
Pulaski, VA, USA
Application: Cyanobacteria

MBARI Engineers Integrate Rhodamine Cyclops into Autonomous Vehicles
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Monterey Bay, CA, USA
Application: Rhodamine

Residential Continuous Turbidity Monitoring
Application: Turbidity

Delaware River Dye Study
Philadelphia Water Department
Delaware River
Application: Fluorescein

Lamar Academy Students use Cyclops Sensors for Summer Studies
Lamar Academy
McAllen, TX, USA
Application: Cyanobacteria (Phycocyanin), Chlorophyll, Tryptophan

Continuous Remote Water Quality Monitoring provided by the Wavelet and Cyclops-7
Jerusalem, Israel
Application: Turbidity

Real Time Ionic-Fluorescence Dye Tracer Instrument
Amazonas Technologies
Bogotá, Colombia
Application: Rhodamine WT

Natural fluorescence of freshwaters of the Hudson Bay Lowland: A sentinel of water quality and environmental change
University of Western Ontario
Hudson Bay Lowland
Application: CDOM

Deployment of the PME Logger Designed for Cyclops Submersible Sensors
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Idaho, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Cyclops-7 Integrated into LakeESP Monitoring Buoy
The Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)
Application: In Vivo Chlorophyll

NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson Deepwater Horizon Response Cruise Report
Smith, Mayer, De Robertis et al.
Application: Oil

Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) Using Cyclops Fluorometer in Monitoring of Algal Bloom
Carl Oberg
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California, USA
Application: In Vivo Chlorophyll

Plume Dispersion on a Fringing Coral Reef
Nicole Jones, Ryan Lowe, Stephen Monismith, Derek Fong & Geno Pawlak
Stanford University, University of Hawaii
South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Waterproof Magnetic Reed Switch Solution Controls Cyclops Gain
Dr. Chuck Katz & Dr. Greg Anderson
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
San Diego, California, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Pelorus Uses CYCLOPS Fluorometer to Characterize Effectiveness of Remedial Fluid Through BioNets™
Vince Barlock
Pelorus Environmental & Biotechnology Corp
Evergreen, Colorado, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

CYCLOPS Real-Time Data Aids Study of Basin Scale Dynamics of Open Ocean Ecosystems
Dr. Alex Poulton
Southampton Oceanography Centre
Southampton, United Kingdom
Application: Cyanobacteria


Cyclops Integrator
fluorometer Robotic sailboat makes useful oceanographic research tool
Florida, USA
Application: Chlorophyll, CDOM, Turbidity


DataBank Datalogger
DataBank Datalogger Lamar Academy Students use Cyclops-7 Sensors for Summer Studies
Lamar Academy
McAllen, TX, USA
Application: Cyanobacteria (Phycocyanin), Chlorophyll, Tryptophan


FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer
 fluorometer Using the FluoroSense to Map the Evolution of Cyanobacteria Blooms
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Myvatn, Iceland
Application: Cyanobacteria (Phycocyanin), Chlorophyll


PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer

PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer The Susuin Bay Phenomenon
Dr. Raphe Kudela
University of California Santa Cruz
California, USA
Application: Active Fluorescence

Variable Fluorescence Performance Data: Mapping the yield during a red tide, yield in relation to copper sulfate, new red active fluorometer data (specific to cyanobacteria)
Dr. Raphe Kudela & Dr. Tawnya Peterson, Chelsea Donovan & Lawrence Younan
University of California Santa Cruz & Turner Designs
California, USA
Application: Active Fluorescence

Two years of investigations into phytoplankton and ecosystem dynamics in Lake Fulmor, CA using the NAMOS network
Beth Stauffer, Stefanie Moorthi, David Caron, Gaurav Sukhatme, Carl Oberg, Bin Zhang, Amit Dhariwal, Arvind Menezes-Pereira
University of Southern California, Department of Biological Sciences, Computer Science Department
Lake Fulmor, CA
Application: Active Fluorescence

Performance Data and In Situ Experimentation with the PhytoFlash a Submersible Active Fluorometer
Dr. Raphe Kudela, Tara Schraga, Chelsea Donovan
University of California Santa Cruz, USGS - Menlo Park, Turner Designs
California, USA
Application: Active Fluorescence

Long-Term Monitoring Site at North Inlet Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Dr. Erik Smith & Tracy Buck
University of South Carolina Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences
South Carolina, USA
Application: Active Fluorescence

Coastal Ocean Projects Program/River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems
Dr. Raphe Kudela
University of California Santa Cruz
Columbia River, Oregon/Washington, USA
Application: Active Fluorescence


Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

fluorometer Blurred Lines: Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Food Resources and Macroinvertebrate Communities in Headwater Streams
Rebecca Eckert
University of Maryland
College Park, MD USA
Application: Chlorophyll

A ‘Natural’ Experiment in Santa Monica Bay, California: Potential Changes in the Microbial Loop in Response to Anthropogenic Nutrient Input
Jayme Smith, Alyssa Gellene, Curtis Cash, Mas Dojiri, and David A. Caron
University of Southern California, City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring Division
Santa Monica Bay, CA USA
Application: Chlorophyll

Bacterivory Enhances the Phototrophic Capabilities of an Obligate Phototrophic Ochromonas sp. (Chrysophyta)
Alle A.Y. Lie, Zhenfeng Liu, Ramon Terrado, Avery O. Tatters, Karla B. Heidelberg, David A. Caron
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA USA
Application: Chlorophyll

Discovery Passage Plankton Monitoring and Juvenile Salmon Assessment 2009
Elan Downey, Dr. Alexandra Eaves, Dr.Sonja Saksida
BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences, Campbell River, B.C
Application: Chlorophyll

Benchtop Fluorometry of Phycocyanin as a Rapid Approach for Estimating Cyanobacterial Biovolume
Alan Wilson
National Science Foundation & School of Fisheries at Auburn University
Application: Cyanobacteria

Conducting Research in the Arctic using the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer
Jolie Gareis
Aurora Research Institute
Inuvik, NT, Canada
Application: Extracted Chlorophyll a

Estimation of inorganic nutrients comparing Turner Designs Trilogy with absorbance modules to a Bran & Luebbe Auto Analyzer
Al Marchi
Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
Tiburon, California, USA
Application: Absorbance


10AU Field Fluorometer

10AU Field Fluorometer Ecosystem metabolism and chlorophyll dynamics in a tropical maar lake, Mexico
Vizuet-Martinez Luis Alberto, Hernández-Avilés Justo Salvador, Peralta Soriano Laura
Application: Chlorophyll

Algal blooms in the alpine - coupled effects of chronic nitrogen deposition and climate change on alpine lakes
Isabella Oleksy
Alpine Lakes, Colorado
Application: Chlorophyll

PLANS, a NOAA B-WET Education Program that Partners Scientists, Teachers, and Students
Stella Sellner
PLankton And Nutrient Studies for the Chesapeake Bay (PLANS)
Chesapeake Bay
Application: Chlorophyll

USGS using Turner Designs fluorometers in Plankton Dynamics Project
James Cloern & Tara Schraga
United States Geological Survey
Menlo Park, California, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Extracted Chlorophyll a

Integrating GIS and Fluorometry For Real-Time mapping of Coastal Systems
Paul Barter
Cawthron Institute
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Investigating the Relationship Between Physical Mixing Processes & Phytoplankton Dynamics in Toolik Lake
Dr. Sally MacIntyre & Jim Sickman, Leo Moosmann & Dr. Sara Goldthwait
Marine Science Institute University of California
Toolik Lake, Alaska, USA
Application: In Vivo Chlorophyll

Sea Education Association Uses the 10AU for Chlorophyll Measurement
Erik R. Zettler
Sea Education Association
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
Application: In Vivo Chlorophyll

Hydrologic Tracer Tests with the 10AU for Risk Assessment Studies
Dr. Malcolm Field
The National Center for Environmental Assessment
Poolesville, Maryland, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Using the 10AU for Ammonium Measurements
Rebecca North
University of Waterloo
Application: Ammonium

Aquarius Undersea Laboratory Sponge Study Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Dr. Chris Martens
Florida Keys, USA
Application: Ammonium

Detecting Filamentous Cyanobacteria Blooms in the Baltic Sea
Dr. Jukka Seppala
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Baltic Sea, Finland
Application: Cyanobacteria

UCSC Uses Turner Designs Instrumentation for Algal Ecophysiology Research
University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Extracted Chlorophyll a

USGS Monitors the San Francisco Bay with Turner Designs Instrumentation
Dr. James Cloern & Tara Schraga
United States Geological Survey
Menlo Park, California, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Extracted Chlorophyll a

Long-time Water Quality Monitoring for the Neuse River Estuary
The Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology (CAAE)
North Carolina, USA
Applications: In Vivo Chlorophyll, Extracted Chlorophyll a

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Utilizes 10AU & SCUFA for Hydraulic Experiments
Dr. Ben Erickson
The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL)
St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota, USA
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing

Tracer Studies in a Treatment Wetland with a 10AU
South Florida Water Management District
Application: Fluorescent Dye Tracing


AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer

AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer Aquatic Insect Functional Diversity Along Canopy Coverage, Elevation and Water Temperature Gradients in Rocky Mountain Streams
Carolina Gutierrez, Colorado State University
Application: Chlorophyll

N:P as a driver of As retention
Keeley MacNeil, Cornell University
Study Location:  Ithaca, NY, USA
Application: Ammonium

From Farms to Fish Pee: Agricultural Growth Alters the Stoichiometry of Nutrient Recycling by a Desert Fish
Eric Moody, Arizona State University
Study Location:  Coahuila, Mexico
Application: Ammonium

Linking Metabolic Rates and Excretion Rates in Tropical Mayflies
Alisha A. Shah, Colorado State University
Study Location: Ecuador
Application: Ammonium

In Vivo Phycocyanin Flourometry as a Potential Rapid Screening Tool for Predicting Elevated Microcystin Concentrations at Eutrophic Lakes
Jason W. Marion, Jiyoung Lee, J. R. Wilkins, III, Stanley Lemeshow, Cheonghoon Lee, Evan J. Waletzko, and Timothy J. Buckley
College of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, and Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University
Application: Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin

Benthic Algae Nutrient Limitation Along an Elevation Gradient in the Poudre Watershed, CO
Whitney S. Beck, Amanda T. Rugenski, Alexander S. Flecker, N. LeRoy Poff
The Wepawaug River Watershed Alliance (WRWA)
Poudre Watershed, Colorado, USA
Application: Chlorophyll, Ammonium

Pollution Source Survey and Water Quality Assessment of the Wepawaug River Watershed in Milford and Orange, CT
Lori Romick and Steven Johnson
The Wepawaug River Watershed Alliance (WRWA)
Application: Optical Brighteners, Fluorescein Dye

Estimating ammonium uptake rates of several species of duckweed with the AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer
Michael McCann
Department of Ecology & Evolution, Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY USA
Application: Ammonium

Teatown Environmental Science Academy
Michael J. Rubbo
Teatown Lake Reservation
Yorktown, Westchester County, NY USA
Application: Chlorophyll

PLANS, a NOAA B-WET Education Program that Partners Scientists, Teachers, and Students
Stella Sellner
PLankton And Nutrient Studies for the Chesapeake Bay (PLANS)
Chesapeake Bay
Application: Chlorophyll

Estimating dissolved organic carbon concentrations with CDOM measurements on the AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer
Don Buso
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, NY, USA
Hubbard Brook Project
Application: CDOM

Evaluating Effluent Impacts with the AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer
Jeff Simmons
Mount St. Mary's University
Emmittsburg, Maryland, USA
Application: In Vivo Chlorophyll

Using the AquaFluor to Study the Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Distinctive Aquatic Ecosystems of the Bolivian High Andes.
Marita Davison
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
UMSA & BIOTA, Bolivia
Applications: Ammonia, Extracted Chlorophyll a

Cornell Researchers Use AquaFluor Fluorometer To Measure Ammonia Excretion By Tropical Fish
Dr. Pete McIntyre
Cornell University
Rio Las Marias, Venezuela
Application: Ammonia



Alle A.Y. Lie, Zhenfeng Liu, Ramon Terrado, Avery O. Tatters, Karla B. Heidelberg, David A. Caron