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EPA Method 445.0 - Fluorometer Application Notes

Application Note Downloads
Please click the links below for information on EPA Method 445.0. All documents are in PDF format, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or in your browser to view these downloads. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Using the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer with EPA Method 445.0
A suggested method for using the TD-700 Fluorometer with EPA Method 445.0
Using the Turner Designs Model 10 Analog, The 10AU Field, or the TD-700 Laboratory Fluorometer with EPA Method 445.0

10AU Field FluorometerAquaFluor Handheld FluorometerTrilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Turner Designs sells the chlorophyll a liquid primary standards (p/n 10-850) required for EPA Method 445.0.  Click here to request pricing.