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Turner Designs is in the business of designing and selling products that benefit the well-being of our environment.   Accordingly, we are concerned with preserving the surroundings wherever our instruments are used and happy to work with customers by complying with the WEEE Directive to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the use of our products. 
View WEEE Certificate for all instrumentation

WEEE Return Process

To arrange the return of an end-of-life product, proceed as follows:

If you purchased your instrument through a Turner Designs Distributor please contact your local representative.  They will instruct you where to return the end-of-life product.
If you purchased your instrument directly from Turner Designs please contact Turner Designs Customer Service
        By Phone: 1-408-212-4041 or Toll Free: (877) 316.8049
        Email:  Complete an online WEEE Return Request Form
Turner Designs will provide a WEEE RMA Number, a Shipping Account Number, and a Ship to Address. Package and ship the product back to Turner Designs.

The product will be dealt with per Turner Designs’ end-of-life recycling program in an environmentally friendly way.